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About Us

Link4vessels- about usLink4Vessels is an online offshore marine vessel platform connecting sub-Saharan Africa and the global community. A one-stop marine platform with global visibility, Link4vessels is aimed at bridging the gap between boundaries and regions. With a strong online reach, the platform provides stakeholders the much required link to communicate and do business without boundaries. The site also provides link for marine ancillary services such as crew manning, vessel management, tenders’ opportunities and regional updates.

Having experienced tremendous growth in offshore activity and the continuous discovery of oil reserves, the marine space in sub-Sahara Africa is so vibrant, yet less visible, hence the need for a platform to cater for the offshore supply-vessel and equipment market. Currently, Nigeria employs over 500 pieces of marine equipment for its upstream offshore operations as against 912 units of marine vessels required for its upstream operations for 2010-2014. This huge opportunity in sub- Sahara African can only be harnessed via continuous interaction between owners and users of marine assets.

Aimed at redefining e-commerce within the marine space, Link4vessels also provide key information and link to potential investors and owners of assets experiencing business and operational challenges in sub-Sahara Africa. The site also serves as a veritable source of political, economic, and legislative updates that affect the business and operational climate within the region.

Local content is getting stronger in the region, hence the need for strategic alliance between the global market and local players.

This platform strongly believes that assets optimisation is germane in creating value and maximising shareholders wealth, and with sustained interaction via this site, our utmost desire is to see increased foreign direct investment (FDI) into the region that will foster international best practices, safety and operational efficiency.

Bon voyage.